Flight Diversions

Flight diversions pose unique challenges for us as a transportation company. Usually, flight information from the airlines and other flight tools can become sporadic,  unreliable and ambiguous.  Often, updates must be made manually by airport personnel and thus suffers in timeliness and accuracy making it difficult for us to manage your flight arrival efficiently.

In this situation, we are usually either waiting indefinitely for your flight to arrive or canceling the trip and releasing the chauffeur.

Our Policies

If we can contact you, you make the decision and we will cancel or divert the vehicle at extra cost.  This will likely consist of additional mileage and waiting time.

If we cannot reach you, we will attempt to contact your work, fellow passengers, home, and take the instructions of whomever we reach to cancel or divert the vehicle at extra cost.

If we cannot get hold of you and we can work out where you are landing, and if it does not add more than 50% to the job cost, we will head for the alternate airport and wait for you there.

Thank you for your understanding during these rare circumstances.