We Are Driven Miles

And we've logged over 2,000,000 miles.

We’ve been in logistics management for over three decades, encompassing the safe transportation of clients, parcels and vehicles. We understand the importance of good communication and deadlines.

We are reliable.

We will turn up on time, usually 10 minutes early. Indeed, our mantra is “we’re never late”. If a vehicle has a problem, we’ll send another one, as we are part of a network of chauffeurs who assist each other when needed. We use up to date executive vehicles with full warranty, servicing and breakdown packages.

We are knowledgeable.

Our drivers have driven over 2 million miles, giving us great insight into the UK road network and, more importantly, ways around any traffic issues. We use the latest vehicles together with mapping and airport applications to ensure that we are where you need us at the right time.

We are friendly.

Our drivers are personable but discreet. If you want music, whether yours or the radio, we’re happy to help. If you want peace and quiet to work, we’re happy to oblige. And if you want a chat, we can help there too.  Our drivers are multi-lingual and well-travelled. We can often offer tips from previous clients to make your onward journey even better. We’ll happily accommodate requests for comfort stops or even a coffee enroute. Naturally, anything you choose to talk about will be treated in the strictest confidence, so you can happily use our vehicles as a mobile office, utilizing our chargers and soon, our free Wi-fi.

We are chauffeurs.

Whilst anyone can be a driver, a chauffeur is a professional driver, who has also had training in presentation, customer service and vehicle maintenance. He or she will be focusing on your needs during the journey, not just getting you from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Our drivers are members of the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs, delivering first-class customer support every day.

We use well maintained executive vehicles, such as Mercedes Benz E-Class saloons, ensuring reliability, comfort, style and safety for your journey with us.

Our vehicles are valeted at least once a week and are cleaned and disinfected before every journey.

We are always looking for new ways to support passengers, too, and are happy to incorporate client feedback to ensure we provide amazing care.

I started this company in 2019 to offer high levels of airport transfer and business journeys to those discerning clients seeking a quality private hire experience. My team is highly focused on providing that experience at the best possible rate.

- Nick Metaxas, Founder