Northamptonshire Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Perfect for dental procedures, out-patient surgeries, and follow-up appointments.

No time worries.
No time worries.
Door to door service.
Door to door.
No worries about parking.
No parking worries.

If you need transport to any kind of Northamptonshire non-emergency medical appointment, Driven Miles chauffeur service can help:

  • Covid vaccinations
  • CT scans
  • Dental checkups and surgeries
  • Medical appointments
  • Outpatient appointments
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pre-procedure Covid tests
  • X-rays

Several choices for Northamptonshire non-emergency medical transport.

We have several options for transport, including:

  1. Take you to your appointment.
  2. Take you to your appointment, wait, and then bring you home again.
  3. Take you to your appointment and pick you up later or on another day.
  4. Pick you up after your appointment and bring you home.

For example, Judy is scheduled for a day case procedure at a local hospital and is required to be there at 7am.

  1. We would collect her and drop her there.
  2. We would then come back and collect her later, when she was ready to go home.

For the return trip, the surgical office told Judy that she would probably be done around 11am.

  1. Therefore, Judy books a separate two-hour transport for a pickup starting at 10:30am, which provides service from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
  2. Accordingly, if she is done a bit early, the vehicle and driver will be there.
  3. Or, if she is an hour late (which is often the case), then the vehicle and driver is still there and available.

On the other hand, if it was a timed dental appointment, we would wait and bring her home again.

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Our Clients Simple Rave About Us.
We're just better, and a big cut above.
Iain Welters
Iain Welters
09:28 20 Oct 21
Rhys Neal-Davies
Rhys Neal-Davies
11:05 15 Oct 21
Very comfortable and easy taxi rides - much better than other taxi companies.
Stacey Busuttil
Stacey Busuttil
11:58 02 Sep 21
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
20:00 04 Jul 21
Today I was blessed by God when Nicky came to pick me up for my Covid vaccine. He was charming, professional and prompt on collecting me this morning and gave me a call prior to arriving so I could be ready. I laughed all the way to the medical centre and all the way home too. I can't recommend Halcot cars as highly as they deserve. However I for one, will use this fabulous service again.

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